We're picky —we only use the highest quality milk and ingredients.

All-time favorites


Caramel Praline

 Sweet candy covered pecans mixed with electrifying caramel swirls.

Birthday Cake

Cake batter with vibrant rainbow sprinkles.


Black Raspberry Crunch

A rarely made black raspberry ice cream with mouth watering chocolate covered almonds.


Industrial Chocolate

The ultimate chocolate ice cream loaded with chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie dough and sweet, gooey fudge

All 48 current flavors

Apple PieOur newest creation will take you back...
The extraordinary taste of the classic pie with graham cracker crumbs and apple chunks

BananaMade with fresh ripe bananas...A Summer Favorite at Rick's!

Birthday Cake
Cake batter with vibrant rainbow sprinkles

Black Raspberry Crunch
A rarely made black raspberry ice cream with mouth watering chocolate covered almonds

Blue Moon
A fruit loops tasting ice cream with super-secret natural ingredients

Caramel Praline
Sweet candy covered pecans mixed with electrifying Caramel swirls

Choco Cherry
Cherry ice cream with black cherry and chocolate chip chunks

A richly made heavy chocolate

Chocolate Brownies
A brownie infested chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Chip
A lightly flavored vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips

Chocolate Custard Chocolate Ice Cream with french custard

A eye opening coffee flavored ice cream

Computer Chip
Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and a hint of orange flavor

Cookies & Dough
Smashed up chocolate sandwich cookies mixed with cookie dough

Cotton Candy
Carnival filled cotton candy flavored ice cream

French Vanilla
Vanilla ice cream with silky french custard

Fudge Marble
Fudge swirled in a lightly flavored vanilla ice cream

Industrial Chocolate
The ultimate chocolate ice cream loaded with chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie dough and sweet, gooey fudge

A Rose based ice cream with almonds, pistachios, saffron and cardamom spice

Lavender Honey
Honey and lavender blossom for a sweet aromatic treat

Lychee Taste the exotic fruit of China here at Rick's. Fresh lychees blended into smooth creamy richness. 

MangoMade with Alphanso Mango chunks from Philippines for a perfect blend of sweetness and flavor

Masala ChaiA crisp collision of spices resulting in this perfect summer refresher! A mélange of Cinnamon, green Cardamom, ground Cloves, and black peppercorn
  Mexican Chocolate Chocolate based ice cream with Cinnamon

Mint Chocolate Chip
The classic flavored mint ice cream with chocolate chips

Mocha Almond Fudge
Coffee ice cream with almonds and swirled fudge
  Peach Peach ice cream with refreshing and delicious pieces of peach.

Peppermint ChipPeppermint ice cream base with pieces of peppermint candy
  Pistachio Almond Pistachio's and Almonds mixed together

Rainbow Sherbet
Raspberry, Valencia Orange and Pineapple sherbets swirled together (Contains Dairy)

Rocky Road
Chocolate ice cream with fluffy marshmallows and almonds

Rose syrup form India which gives it its taste and the ability to smell like a rose

Rum Raisin A unique seasonal which is popular all  year round...Vanilla Based rich ice cream with Raisins soaked in Rum

Saffron Pistachio
Pistachio ice cream with pistachios and threads of saffron

Salty Caramel
Burnt Caramel ice cream with a hint of ancient sea salt

Strawberries!! and lots of strawberries with a touch of vanilla

Swiss Mocha
Chocolate ice cream infused with coffee and chocolate chips

Thin Mints @ Rick's For a limited time only...Mint Cookies is made with Girl Scout Thin Mints...in an effort to support local Girl scouts Rick's does this once a year. Get it while it lasts!

Toasted Almond
Almond flavored ice cream with almonds

ToffeenessOur twist to the English Toffee...this one will rock your world! Toffee base with Crunchy Toffee bits Covered with Chocolate

Vanilla Bean
Our special blend of vanillas from Madagascar and Indonesia with crushed vanilla beans


Mango Sorbet
Natural Mango Sorbet

Passion Fruit Sorbet
Natural Passion Fruit Sorbet

Valencia Orange IceNatural Orange Sorbet

Wild Acai Berry Sorbet
Natural Acai & Blueberry Sorbet

Wow, 48 flavors!

High quality ingredients: 

Rose syrup imported from India, saffron imported from Spain, pure vanilla imported from Indonesia and Madagascar, nuts and fruits grown locally in California and even E. A. Guittard chocolates from up the road in Burlingame.

Regional milk: 

Our cream is processed in a small plant in Pittsburg, CA using milk from local dairies.

Even though we're an ice cream shop, we make our ice cream the same way we did at home —5 gallons at a time.

We make each batch of ice cream in a big metal barrel, then scrape and pack it into the paper buckets seen in our store (or in your fridge when you take some with you).

Everything in moderation —including moderation! ;-)

There's no substitute for nature's original ingredients and hearty cows milk to create a traditionally rich and creamy ice cream.  We know ice cream isn't the healthiest thing on the planet, which is why Rick's doesn't pretend to be Atkins-approved.  

Go ahead, indulge!

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